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Dr. Desmond Soares 

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Dr. Soares will be in the Solomon Islands from May 28, 2016 until June 5, 2016. He will be teaching at the Spine training module of the Pacific Islands Orthopaedic Association in Honiara. Trainees from the Solomons, Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu, PNG, American Samoa and Kiribati will attend the two week program. These modules are held three times a year.

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Breaking news:        
Dr Des Soares will be a candidate in the 2016 Federal election representing the Nick Xenophon Team in the seat of Moreton. If you would like to volunteer or donate to the campaign please contact us. Dr Soares will not be practicing orthopaedics from July to December 2016 (the election is expected in July or September). Dr. Soares is not accepting any NEW patients effective the end of April.
Dr. Ashish Gupta will join the practice from July 2016 and will continue to provide ongoing care for Dr. Soares patients. 


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